Chickpeas and Anaerobic Bacteria

By June Amram

Yesterday I put chickpeas in fresh water.

Today the chickpeas smelled like raw sewage.

The anaerobic bacteria got into it because we left the chickpeas in water and left it out and anaerobic bacteria are everywhere.

I'm pouring the anaerobic chickpea water into the strainer so the water will come out and the chickpeas will get caught by the net.

Here are the chickpeas in the net. I'm holding a chickpea that hasn't sprouted yet. It's shriveled, hard, and small. The chickpeas in the net are smooth, soft, and big.

I'm washing the chickpeas with water to rinse off the anaerobic bacteria.

Here the chickpeas are clean and in fresh water. Tomorrow they'll be anaerobic again and I'll go back and clean them again until they sprout.

Then I'll plant them in soil. In the soil they won't be anaerobic because the soil brings in the air.