Wheat and Chickpeas

By Paula Hewitt Amram

June planted wheat grass seeds and parsley.

She ground up the same kind of wheat seed with a mortar and pestle.

It took a long time to get even a small amount of flour. But she was satisfied because it looked like flour.

She separated the small amount of fine flour she got from the larger pieces of wheat in a sifter.

Then she cracked dried chickpeas.

The chickpea skins flaked off.

She blew the skins off the chickpeas into the compost bin.

She put the cracked chickpeas to the side to make into something another time and she mixed the wheat flour with cold water in a bowl.

She put some of the whole dried chickpeas into some cold water, and set them next to the flour and water mixture. She let the flour and water sit for a while so it might attract some wild yeast.

Then she formed it into a small spiral shaped loaf, baked it, and ate it.